Dear Jason,

I am very pleased with the search engine optimization you have done to Packagespot.com.  Through Google Analytics we have seen over a 600% increase in traffic.  The professionalism, advice and attention to details you and your staff have provided to us at Packagespot.com are second to none.  We will be signing a year contract with you soon and look forward to seeing even more growth over the next year.


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“Honest and clear expectations were set right from the start”

has recently been acquired by a company out of San Diego. Part of our success was definitely the exposure we were able to enjoy via your efforts.”

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Love your work…Dr Helen

Thank you so much for all your continual efforts. I know that you have been so dedicated to helping us and it is truly appreciated!! Katie

Corporate Entertainment Thanks for being so responsive…John

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Thank you for agreeing to join the Advanced Marketing Advisory Board. Your knowledge of the online marketing world will be a huge benefit to the Board. Program Developer- Mike A.

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nice seo strategy and marketing ideas; keep them coming!!

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Hi Jason, Thanks for your help with the website. It looks great.

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Good work!! I’m faxing you the search engine optimization contract now.

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Perfect! Send Orig art, so I can send to printer.